El Truco Final from Somnia

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Late one Monday night, I took up the invitation to visit this new swanky bar called Somnia, two minutes from Drassanes metro. It had been two years since I have been to the bottom of the Rambla and now I was told a circus theme bar existed nestled between barrio Gotic and Raval.

Even more intriguing was the fact that its online menu is unlike any bar in the city where each cocktail literally tells a story, and you can virtually turn the pages to find out what happens next.

Did I mention your drinks will be served in different Halloween or fantasy themed contraption and there is a live magician who will do magic tricks at your table!

How could I resist indulging in my childhood fantasies while enjoying a cocktail or two? And thus, I set off on foot to find this magical bar where I was introduced to El Truco Final or The Final Trick.

A chocolate and peanut flavored dessert cocktail with Oporto wine and quail eggs? This drink was certainly going to play tricks on my mouth and my stomach, or so I thought. If I did not understand fully what I was reading in front of me, I probably would have stuck to ordering a gin and tonic, but I decided to take a chance and was pleasantly surprised.

 It is on the sweeter side and I am not usually a fan of chocolate cocktails, but the ingredients and atmosphere of the bar made me nostalgic of my childhood upbringing.  Growing up Trinidadian, we have our own drink made with peanut butter, cinnamon, and rum called Peanut Punch. Add a little chocolate, wine, quail eggs, and sweet nectar and you have El Truco Final. 

The presentation is what draws you in, the drink being served in a contraption that was only fitting for a Houdini themed cocktail. As much as I would like to describe the contraption in great detail, “A magician never reveals their tricks.”  and I would not want to spoil this element of surprise.

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