Cheesy Broccoli Fondue Dip

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 American Thanksgiving is, I consider, the Superbowl of eating events . Never is there a time where you are going to have so many options of desserts and side dishes to choose from. Everyone has their top five items they demand to see at the dinner table from mashed potatoes to mac and cheese, but what about the appetizers. 

We have all been there where we arrived to a party only to wait an extra hour or more for the Turkey to finish. Turkey is a delicate bird to cook that cannot be rushed, so you end up feeling tortured from starvation as the smell of gravy permeates the air.

Here is a recipe to satisfy those one-day fasters, a cheesy broccoli dip made with gruyere cheese and white wine, perfect for a first course meal.  This dip can be easily served with a toasted baguette that you know at least one guest will bring to the party. It is easy to make and takes no more than 15 minutes! You also have the option to just use a ready-made fondue mix to cut down on time and ingredients.


Prep Time Cook Time Total Time


400 g of Broccoli

2 cloves of Garlic

2 cup gruyere shredded

2 tablespoons of white wine

½ cup heavy cream

½ teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon butter

Olive Oil drizzle (optional)


Or 400 g of pre-made Fondue Mix

Round loaf of bread for serving.



  1. Set your oven to medium heat, 350 F (175 C) and place your garlic in a tin foil with a little of olive oil drizzle (olive oil is optional).

  2. Next, separate the broccoli and then place them in a steam basket or metal colander. Start boiling water in a medium or large pot. When the water comes to a boil, place your basket full of separated broccoli on top to steam.

  3. While the broccoli is steaming for the next seven minutes, take out a medium size pot and turn it to medium-low heat adding a teaspoon of butter. Once the butter melts, add the gruyere, heavy cream, salt, and wine. Continuing stirring lowering the heat.

  4. At this point, check to see if the broccoli and garlic are be ready by poking a knife through both vegetables. Take the broccoli from the stove and put it in a food processor with the roasted garlic and blend until finely grated.

  5. Proceed to add the grated broccoli to the melted “fondue” mix, stirring until the cheese is smooth and creamy.


At this point your broccoli dip is ready to be served in a dish of your choice. For this recipe, I put it in a makeshift bread bowl I bought from Flor de Gracia. The bread is made with turmeric giving it that yellow tint. You can even add extra gruyere on top and grill in the oven for 7-10 minutes to have a nice crispy top!

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